Your app can synchronize it's content with your website at the application's launching time.

To achieve that, the easiest way is to configure your RSS feed in AppDeck Cloud Services, then your app will prefetch all pages present in your RSS feed automaticely.

Technical detail

AppDeck will download a 7z archive that contains the last version of recent pages at the application's launching time.

As 7z works perfectly with text files and it can compress 1Mo (50 pages) in 60 Ko (3 pages).

Manual Configuration

You can also create the 7z archive yourself. It will has the following format:

  • There has to be only files in the archive, no directories
  • Each file represents a preloaded resource. Usually it is a HTML page
  • The name of the file has to be the complete URL of the resource without the http:// and the urlencoded:
  • In App's Json configure prefetch_url with the URL where your 7z file is uploaded.