Push Notifications

iOS Certificat

For iOS, Push Notification requires you to generate certificat.

All the necessary help you can find in Apple documentation: Export Certificate

Once you have export your certificat, upload them in AppDeck Cloud Services

Send Message

The simplest way to send a push notification is to use Send Message in AppDeck Cloud Services

Push Notifications using RSS feed

Push Notification can be send from your RSS feed. User receive a push notification for each new entry:

You can configurate this in AppDeck Cloud Services

Push Notification using HTTP API

You can use HTTP Push API to send a push to one or all users

Send a Push Notification to all your user
Send a Push Notification to one user

First, get the user ID in the HTTP header

Every HTTP request from AppDeck application to your server will have a special header:


You can also get this user ID using javascript:

Once you retrieve this user ID use it in HTTP API:

  • apikey and apisecret are available in your application configuration panel.
  • title is the text that will appear in the notification.
  • url is the URL of the page that will be shown to the user when he opens the notification.
  • image_url is the URL of the image that will be shown next to the notification (Android only).

Do it yourself

If you want to manage the message sending on your own, in app's json configure push_register with the URL that should receive the device's token.

This url will receive push information in the POST parameter as follow:

  • type (iphone or android)
  • deviceuid
  • devicetoken