What will be the size of my application in the AppStore ?

The final application size should be around 6 MB depending on how many resources are embedded in the final application.

Do I need to know native code to use AppDeck ?

No, AppDeck itself runs “out of the box”, but it is still possible to use native code to add some features in the app.

Can I tweak the application?

Yes, you can add your own native code and library to your application.

How much AppDeck cost ?

AppDeck is completely free. We offer you also AppDeck Cloud Service absolutely for free. The only condition of using it is a free registration (fair usage ~1 Million Push per month). "AppDeck Enterprise" is available at a custom anual price. For more information, contact us.

What is the difference between AppDeck and other solutions like PhoneGAP and Appcelerator ?

AppDeck, Cordova/PhoneGap and Appcelerator have been designed to help you create mobile application without using native code (Objective-C for iOS and Java for Android). But all of them works differently.


Appcelerator is an all purpose app developement framework, interesting particularly for specialized projects. It allows to write an app using only Javascript

With this tool you can access to a lot of different native features, but still not as much as when you directly use native code.

Unfortunately, it requires its users to learn a large SDK. Moreover they and need to write their own app engine.
And this is not an easy task, especially for webmasters as they will have to handle complex situations as fetch and display HTML page, store them for offline usage, prefetch content, handle menu, animations ...


Cordova/PhoneGAP allows to put webapp or mobile website in an application. It also offers an API to interact with key features of the phone (most of them are already available in HTML5).

App created with this tool is able to run with a large set of devices, not only iPhone and Android

Unfortunately, app's performance achieved with it often does not meet its users expectations, as everything is executed in HTML/Javascript.


AppDeck is dedicated to all applications that will work with a remote website

It works with an almost non-modified mobile websites and already includes a very fast and reponsive app engine that offers all important features for this kind of app: menu, animations, offline mode, content synchronisation, advertisement, cookie handling, push notification ...

You do not have to learn a new SDK. Moreover it will only take a few hours to adapt your service.

While using PhoneGap you are limited to a single webview for all your app with AppDeck all pages have their own webview.

It is true, to create an app with AppDeck first you need a website. But if you fulfill this condition you are starting with almost everything which you need to create your app. Moreover, just in few days you will get your own, high quality, fast and responsive and having beautiful design application

How to make a very fast AppDeck application?

  1. Embed as much resource as possible in the application.
  2. For static resources that can not be embedded like the images of an article, be sure that a cache mask will mark them as forever cachable.
  3. Enable prefetch features
  4. Add long ttl to your screens
  5. Don’t put too many JavaScripts on your page. Remove google analytics JS and use built-in options instead. Use native Ads like AppDeck Adsinstead of HTML/Javascript Ads: it offers much more revenue and better performance.